Tri, Tri, Tr(y)

So the Pittsburgh Triathlon has been postponed because of Road Construction on the bike portion of the course.  No plan for a rescheduled date yet and they are reimbursing all current registrants – which leads me to believe there may not be a Pgh Triathlon this year…or at least one that will work with my schedule.  (I’m a little busy as of late September and October…getting all #MarREED and bee-bopping over to honeymoon in Hawaii and things with my future husband, Stove – formally known as Steve).

On to Plan B.  

There’s a Sprint Tri in North Park the weekend prior to when the Pgh Tri was supposed to be, and the swimming portion is…wait for it…IN A POOL (!!!) rather than the disgusting Allegheny where sewer overflow has been an issue in the past.  I also once saw a dead rat floating in the water when kayaking near the 31st Street bridge.  Sooooo. I believe I was just given another God Wink or blessing in disguise.  Stove and I (We) are getting married Sept. 23rd.  Our likelihood of healthily making it to that date has now increased substantially.  Whew.  Thank you, PennDot!

The city is still so pretty, though.

With the triathlon now being a shorter distance and a week sooner in North Park…I find it only appropriate to also strongly consider signing up for the Presque Isle marathon on Sept. 10th and train to try to qualify for the Boston Marathon.   Which means shaving about 18 minutes off of my current PR time and dropping my per mile pace by 40-50 seconds.  Yikes.  Hal Higdon, here I come!  (Assuming the qualifying time for my age group is still 3 hr 35 minutes / not a second over.  I’ll have to double-check.)

Post-Presque Isle nap on the beach a few weeks ago.  Centering my inner feng shui to the course.  

At the very least, I should be very fit to take a walk down the aisle with my dad, come Sept. 23rd.




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